Sunday 5 September 2010

Schedule for September/Oct. 2010

31 Aug
Dear friends,
Thank you for all your support.

I would like to inform you, that we have for the first time a short video interview on our website and news about the new Hyangsan bakery with latest photos.

Also a facebook profile is available. If you wish, you can forward the link.
Your suggestions are always welcomed.

This is my schedule for September.

6.-9. Sept. 2010 Rason Bakery (with Michael)
10-14 Beijing & Shenyang
15-19 Pyongyang & Hyangsan bakery
20-30 Seoul

Prayer points:
1, three bakeries running well.
2, N-Korea, all of the staff and the children. (2,1,1, 45 & 10,000)
3, new bakery in Hyangsan. (for the running cost)
4, S-Korea charity for set up & fund raising.
5, New staff in UK.(for fund raiser, retired Pastor)
6, George, safe journey back & good health.

Blessings & many thanks for all of your efforts.

George from London