Saturday 19 November 2011

schedule, Love North Korean children charity

Dear All

I just arrived safe in Seoul Korea.
Would you please see my schedule.

1, Seoul 12-15 Nov. 2011 (Interview with 시사저널, 신앙계-Korean Christian Magazine)
2, Beijing 16-20 Nov (Meeting온누리Church, Koryo Tour, Exchange Money, BICF)
3, Yanji, Rajin 21-26 Nov (Purchased flour etc,,, Visit Sunbong Bakery)
4, Beijing 27-30 Nov (Visa for PY BICF)
5, PY 1-5 Dec (Visit Pyongyang, Hyangsan, Sariwon bakeries etc)
6, Shenyang 6-10 (Purchased Bakery equipoments)
7, Seoul 11-20 Dec. 2011 (Meeting churches, companies etc,)

A new DiaShow is online:

Thank you.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

HyangSan bakery in operation

Dear friends,

We visited the running bakery in summer 2011 during an inspection tour, as seen on the picture. All the children are very glad about your support. (Pls see picture)

On our website you will also find a new viedeo from the Anglo-Korean festival in the UK.

Last week I returned from Sonbong in North-Korea with a European supporter with many impressions. We will inform you as soon as a report is finished.

Thank you again.

In His Service,