Saturday 29 June 2013

Our R E P O R T for you: I. Achievements: We successfully achieved our goal of supplying the Sonbong charity bakery in North Korea with 1 month supply for food provisions. (10 Tons Flour) (Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Salt; Total spending 41,225 RMB.) II. Problems/Challenges: Unexpected Costs: Unfortunately the cost of Flour has been increasing… Jan 2013 =3400RMB perTon Jun 2013 =3600RMB perTon Because of the increased cost this bakery, which was feeding 3,000 kids, is now only feeding 2,500 kids. III. Equipment Issues: We found that some of the Steam Stack Holders needed to be replaced. They were still functional but many places had rips. (Plese see picture.) Your kind support would be much appreciated. ==> Thank you!

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